Tongs Hairstyles

Tongs Hairstyles
Regardless of special or normal days, women’s favorite hairstyle is undoubtedly curly hair. Since this model has hair, it makes it look voluminous and adds an eye-catching look. Tong hairstyles are not difficult. Depending on the taste, it can consist of large or delicate waves. The size of the waves can also vary depending on which environment you will use. Based on your face shape, hair type and where you are going, you can easily choose the curling iron hairstyle that will suit you best. For example, people with very small faces should prefer thick curls in order not to lose their face from the hair. If you have a wide face, you can easily choose thin curls. Just like everything else, getting tong hairstyles has its own tricks. If curly hair is desired, the hair should be completely wrapped around the tongs, while if natural waves are desired, the tip of the hair should not be wrapped around the tongs.

How to Make Tong Hairstyles?
The simplest and main method to achieve curly hair is to have a curling iron. The thickness of the tongs varies depending on the brand and model. Its thickness is at least 9 mm and at most 50 mm. If you want natural waves, the thickness of the tongs you should use should be between 19 and 30. If you want very tight waves, you should prefer thin curlers. But if what you want is more natural looking waves with less tightness, it is better to choose a high thickness. The length of your hair is also an important factor here. For example, if the thickness of the tongs is too much to wrap your hair, you should use thin tongs. Afterwards, you can get natural waves by combing your hair. For fluffy, over-pronounced curls, the tongs should stand upright and vertically while winding the tongs. Those who want a less fluffy model should hold the tongs vertically down after wrapping them. If you want to get a retro look, all you have to do is wrap all the hair in the same direction. On the contrary, if you want a natural look, each strand of hair should be wrapped in a different direction. That’s how easy it is to get tong hairstyles.

How to Make Thick Tong Hairstyles?
Thick curly hair, which is one of the options that comes to mind especially when it comes to tong hairstyles for brides, is one of the easiest models to make. For this, first of all, it is necessary to separate the hair into heaps. Tufts of hair that are not very thin are wrapped carefully and waited for a certain period of time. This time is approximately 10 seconds. Then the tongs are gently pulled down so that the hair does not fluff. After all the hair strands are treated in the same way, a suitable spray is applied to protect the wave of the hair and the process is finished.

How to Make Thin Tong Hairstyles?
The hair is separated into clumps with tufts that are not too thick. Thin tongs are carefully wrapped around the hair and waited for about 10 seconds. Then the tongs are carefully pulled from the hair. Thus, thin and curly hair can be achieved easily. Thin tong hairstyles are more striking than thick ones. Because the waves are a bit far from naturalness. However, the thin tong, which is among the tong hairstyles for brides, is a model that can be used easily by anyone who likes to be assertive.

Short Hair Tongs Models
You don’t have to have long hair to do curling irons. If you have short hair, don’t give up on the curling iron. With thin-tipped tongs, you can achieve natural curls with thick tufts and assertive waves with thin tufts. Tong hairstyles can adapt to any hair type and length. Just choose the curling iron that suits your hair. You can use short hair tongs in very special times such as weddings, or you can easily use them on your way to work or in your daily life.

What are the Points to Consider in Curling Hair?
After making the tongs, it is necessary to take some steps in order to keep the life of the waves long. It would be better for people with straight hair not to skip these steps. Because the main structure of the hair is straight, the waves can leave themselves quickly. Therefore, before making curling hair models, curl protective creams can be applied to the hair. Then you can process and finally spray and make the waves dance in harmony all day long. In addition, it is important not to touch your hair too much during the day in order not to spoil your waves.

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