How to Wash a Wedding Dress?

You may want to keep your wedding dress, which is the symbol of your wedding day, when you step into a new life, after the wedding. You can use the dry cleaning method for cleaning your wedding dress. If you want to clean at home with your own means, you can use the following methods and have detailed information about what details you need to pay attention to.

Things to Consider Before Washing Your Wedding Dress
When choosing a wedding dress, it is an important detail to pay attention to the choice of fabric as well as to suit your style and taste. You can make your wedding day more enjoyable and make cleaning your wedding dress easier with the wedding dress models designed using stain-proof and non-wrinkle-free fabric. Here are the points to consider before washing the wedding dress:

Wedding dress fabrics usually have delicate structures such as silk, lace and satin. For this reason, before washing your wedding dress, you should carefully examine the fabric structure and choose the appropriate washing method for the fabric.
If there are stains on the wedding dress, you should locate the stains, and if you think you will have difficulty removing them, you should prefer dry cleaning in order not to wear the fabric. Instead of using an effective laundry detergent or bleach on stains, you can apply vinegar and soda. Since they are natural products, it may be possible to remove stains without the need for chemical cleaners.
If you have a wedding dress with a multi-layered skirt, you can put a towel between the layers before the stain removal application. Thus, you can prevent other layers from staining and at the same time help the towel to absorb and remove the stain.
Doing the wedding dress washing process without wasting time can make your job easier by preventing the stains from being processed on the fabric.
Wedding Dress Washing Stages
With the right materials and the right methods, you can clean your wedding dress and dry it properly. The following wedding dress washing steps can make your job easier.

It is useful to clean the stains before washing the entire wedding dress. You can use a toothbrush to prevent stains from spreading. With vinegar, soda or a special cleaner of your choice, rub the stains with the help of a toothbrush without pressing them.
The most polluted part of the wedding dress is undoubtedly the skirts. You can use a deep basin or your bath tub to clean the hems. Fill the tub with warm water, lather with a suitable cleanser, and then soak the hem of your dress in water. After waiting a few minutes, gently rub the hems to remove dust and dirt.
You can choose hand wash or washing machine to wash your entire wedding dress that you have cleaned from its stains. For hand washing, fill the tub with warm soapy water and scrub with gentle movements without damaging the fabric and rinse with plenty of water. If you are going to throw it in the machine, you can choose the program special for delicate fabrics. Never use hot water during the washing process.
After washing, you can use a drying wire to dry your wedding dress. When you are sure that it is completely dry, you can fold and store your wedding dress in its own box or hang it in your wardrobe by wrapping it in a special protective equipment.
How to Clean Sararan Wedding Dress?
If your wedding dress is stored in an airless and humid environment, its color may turn yellow. To lighten its color, you can clean your wedding dress using bleaching detergent that does not harm the fabric. You can wash it by hand or in the washing machine, you can turn your wedding dress upside down and wash it on a delicate program. In order to prevent the wedding dress from turning yellow, it is useful to make sure that the environment you keep is not humid. At the same time, you can increase its durability by wrapping it in paper and storing it in its special box.

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