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Wedding Dress Models Frequently Asked Questions

Every bride wants to feel comfortable, peaceful and happy in her wedding dress on her wedding day. The wedding dress, which will stay on you almost all day and night, should be suitable for your body shape and season. In addition, it is equally important that it is parallel with the trendy wedding dress models of the period. For this reason, when choosing a wedding dress, you should pay attention to these points.

Choosing a wedding dress for their wedding, which is the most special day for women, is an issue that should not be rushed. First of all, you have to decide whether you want to rent or buy your wedding dress. If you are going to rent it, it is recommended to start the preparations at least 1 month before the wedding, and if you are going to buy, 3-4 months before the wedding. It is important to make the necessary preparations in advance, taking into account planting and rehearsals. Just as with the purchase, when renting a wedding dress, some modifications may be required to make the wedding dress fit your size. Preliminary rehearsal is always important to avoid setbacks.

Be the Most Beautiful Bride with Stylish Wedding Dress Models

Wedding dresses are designed in many different styles, from the cuts to the fabric used, to the details of the accessories on it. The important thing in your selection should be to find the most suitable model for your body structure. Among the stylish new model wedding dresses, the most popular ones are; the ones with rich lace details in the upper part. Princess wedding dresses and A-cut wedding dresses are preferred in weddings held in historical places and hotel halls, as they look very magnificent with their stylish designs, fluffy stances and details.

The prices of these wedding dresses, which are prepared with eye-catching jewellery, quality embroidery and layered fabrics, may be in a slightly higher range compared to less detailed wedding dresses. However, on wedding days, which is one of the most special days for young women, if they like it that way, one should not ponder too much. The important thing is that the bride feels good and happy.

Rib wedding dress models, which are frequently preferred and among the best wedding dresses, take their name from the private field. These models, which require a very careful workmanship, are produced with thick and tough fabrics. These wedding dresses, where are reminiscient of Arabian fashion, are curved and give volume to the wedding dress. This bombe creates a kind of wave image on the skirt of the wedding dress and thus adds a different atmosphere to the wedding dress.

You can be both simple and beautiful

Simple wedding dresses, prepared for brides who want to be away from ostentatious and glamorous look, are models that are not fluffy from the waist down. These bohemian wedding dresses, which are completely the bride's choice, do not require much labor as they are designed using less fabric and accessories in general, and thus may be a more suitable choice for those who want to be simple, in terms of wedding dress models and prices.

It can be said that the prices of mermaid wedding dresses, which attract the most attention among the 2021 wedding dress models and are the center of attention of the bride candidates, are slightly higher than the other models. These models, which should fit the body perfectly and should not be potty in any way, are prepared with silk-weighted fabrics with frequent rehearsals, careful and detailed workmanship. The wedding dress, which consists of quality embroideries such as French lace, is the choice of thin brides with its heavy and different model.

You can also choose one of the wedding dresses for young brides who prefer stylish and high quality short wedding dresses, racy wedding dresses, regular wedding dresses and hijab clothing among the collections of Yeşim Wedding Dresses and you can take your place in the list of the most beautiful brides of recent times.

Be Dazzling with New Season Wedding Dresses

Yeşim Wedding Dress, with its more distinguished designs than the other, fascinates everyone with its unusual and interesting wedding dress models for brides who want to have an extraordinary experience. Helen wedding dresses with rope straps, both chest and back décolleté, provide an elegant look with transparent lace embroideries and fascinate everyone who sees it. This wedding dress, which gives the bride a very elegant look with the lace trim of the hem, also provides freedom of movement during the dance.

Butterfly wedding dress models, which are among the alternative wedding dress choices, provide a rich appearance as they are designed in a fluffy way, while the upper body is prepared as classic tulle with a calmer look. This model, named after the butterfly figures on the skirt, gives you a unique elegance. Among the new wedding dress models, corset wedding dresses have a very remarkable design. These models, which stand out as a cross-line design with their segmented design that looks like a jewel corset on the outside, are the focus of attention of all brides. Products that attract attention with their shiny textures make you look fitter and slimmer.

High-quality wedding dresses, which are among the most special products of hijab clothing, can be used with Anatolian motifs in line with the wishes of the brides, or in the form of classical wedding dresses if a modern look is desired.

High-quality wedding dresses, which are among the most special products of the hijab clothing area, can be designed with Anatolian motifs in line with the wishes of the brides, or as a classic wedding dress if a modern look is desired. Since hijab wedding dresses are enriched with traditional decorations, they display a folkloric appearance.

Wedding Dress Models with Different Designs

Bridal dress types that resemble a wedding dress in design are usually the choice of those who prefer only an engagement without a ceremony. These simple and plain-looking models are highly appreciated for their high wearing comfort and striking designs. Mermaid-style models are designed for those who want a more impressive look, while fluffy skirt forms are the choice of brides who like more active parts.

For brides who want to create a very different look at their wedding or engagement ceremony, several color options are also available such as gray, ecru, off-white and cream rather than traditional wedding dresses in white color. These wedding dresses, which are effective with different collar options, are suitable for the use of jewelery and other accessories, while helping you to perfectly display your jewelry such as bracelets and wristbands with short-sleeved models.

The draped dress made of layers of fabric gives brides a stunning look with wedding dresses and gives them a unique elegance. Plain dress types with a plain appearance help you feel comfortable with their stretchy linings until the end of the wedding.

Create Your Own Style with Specially Designed Wedding Dresses

Bride candidates who do not want to compromise on their own style want to reflect their original style on their wedding day. Specially designed models produced by Yeşim Gelinlik can be extremely striking, mainly by enriching the tulle details. Wedding dresses, which can be short or long in the skirt according to your preference, help the brides to enjoy the wedding by making them comfortable with their light structure.

Bridal gowns, designed entirely according to your preferences, can be models with tails or can be equipped with shiny stones. Bridal gowns prepared with precious jewellery for prospective brides gain an eye-catching style.

In order to feel stylish and beautiful on your most important and special night, it is sufficient to explain your expectations from the wedding dress. You can both carry your own style and create a dazzling style for your wedding day with these specially designed wedding dresses prepared by Yeşim.

Be a Happy Bride with Charming Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the biggest dreams of women from a young age is to see themselves in a wedding dress. All bridal products of Yeşim Wedding Dress appeal to almost every taste and style with their distinguished looks and impressive designs.

Evening dresses and wedding gowns designed with great care by the company allow you to feel elegant and beautiful like a princess on the most special day of your life. Your photos, which will remind you of memories of a lifetime, will also help you display a flawless and self-confident stance.

If you have started the wedding preparations, you can find the most suitable model for your style among the prominent and elegant wedding dress alternatives, and you can spend your wedding night very happy and enjoyable.


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