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Rib engagement models, which are cut out for bride candidates who want to make an assertive and flamboyant entrance to their engagement, are a model that fascinates those who see it. Rib engagement dresses, which have left their mark on the last period, are an ideal option for those who want a fluffy and flashy engagement. Also known as the prom style, this model grips the upper body tightly and descends from the waist down in a giant bouncy. It has a wavy appearance in the skirt section. Rib engagement dresses with a very voluminous skirt take their name from the rib shape of the field. The rib engagement dress, which takes on a wonderful silhouette with the effect of the field, also resembles the princess engagement model. Just like the princess skirt, the skirt that opens from the waist is perfect for covering the flaws of the whole body. This model, which is especially ideal for brides with excesses in the hip area, also makes the waist look thinner thanks to its tight upper body. Rib engagement dresses have a more voluminous and ostentatious structure, unlike A-cut engagement models. Behind its ostentatious and assertive structure, there are some subtleties to be considered. These subtleties not only make the engagement day a good one, but also clarify the points to be considered. Due to its bulky structure, rib engagement dresses are quite heavy. It has a structure that makes you feel the weight it has to carry all day long. On the other hand, rib engagement dresses restrict freedom of movement as they are quite fluffy. It increases the distance between the bride and groom during the dance. Without ignoring all these, these are the items that should be paid attention and considered.

Rib engagement dresses offer many options for brides who want to add mobility to their sparkling looks. It offers options in the form of long skirt, train or semi-mermaid engagement models.

Unlike the Hellenic engagement models, the skirts are molded and do not fly. For brides who are hesitant about which skirt model to choose, the only determining factor is the season and the place where the engagement will take place. Rib engagement models are more suitable for flashy and stylish places. It is quite ideal for a flamboyant exit in a historical palace, a historical hotel hall or mansions as well as luxurious ballrooms. However, rib engagement dresses are generally preferred in autumn, spring and winter. Due to its heavy structure, it is more suitable not to be preferred for summer months in hot weather. However, the final decision is still up to the bride.


Rib engagement models, which carry the flamboyant effect of Arab fashion to our country and have been the best choice of bride candidates in recent years, continue their influence in 2021. This model, which will make every bride happy who wants a fabulous engagement, has taken its place in the showcases of all stores. Despite the 2021 simplification trend, the 2021 rib engagement models, which continue to exist with a great show, are of great interest. Low shoulders designed with illusion collars are one of the details that determine the line of 2021 rib engagement models. It is possible to see rib engagement dresses adorned with dropped shoulders and heart necklines in all colors and embroideries. Rib engagement dresss models, which add a princess feel, especially in nude tones and dark tones, are among the brightest models of 2021. It is possible to see rib engagement dresses with the simplicity that will keep up with the simplification trend. Satin rib engagement models are available for those who want a fluffy engagement ring and are looking for a model that is far from ostentatious. Rib engagement dresses decorated with a deep V-neck and descending straight will be accompanied by accessories in 2021.

Geometric patterned rib engagement models, on the other hand, conquer the hearts of brides who are in search of sporty elegance. Both catching the age with its modern look and minimizing its show with sporty elegance are getting a passing grade by the bride candidates. Layered rib engagement models, which especially steal the hearts of bride candidates with pear body type, are also taking their place in the showcases in 2021. Especially ideal for historical venue and hotel weddings, 2021 rib engagement models are getting ready to conquer hearts with their sparkling embroidery and strapless neckline. This model, which will complement its elegance with tight bun and ponytail hairstyles, is among the most popular choices of 2021. Rib engagement models designed as half fish for brides who want to be both fishy and flashy will be seen frequently in 2021. Every lady who sees the fluctuation of the rib skirt where the skirt opens from the knee will almost fall under her spell. For those who are looking for sporty elegance, halter neck rib engagement models will be an ideal choice. Of course, it is also possible to see long-sleeved rib engagement models for hijab ladies. The year 2021 will be a part of this magic with rib engagement models that offer unique options for every woman.


Rib engagement dresses, which are dazzling with their flamboyant structures and wonderful handcraft, meet with their almost dazzling buyers. The pricing of this model, which steals hearts in every way, varies according to the fabric used in its production, workmanship, season, signature of the fashion designer and brand. The prices of the rib engagement dresses, which are the only ones among the engagement models in terms of workmanship and showiness, are at least as spectacular as they are. Rib engagement dress prices are a model that requires more labor in terms of cost. Therefore, it is high in price. Each bead, which is carefully sewn to look beautiful, increases the price of the field and every detail used in its production. Among the rib engagement dress prices, the one with the most cost is special sewing. When it comes to buying hand labor and tailoring it, the price increases considerably. Generally, puffy engagement models have a rental option. Thanks to the rental option, rib engagement dresses are rented at an affordable price and delivered back after engagement. Renting is the most ideal option for ladies who do not want to take up space in their closet and brides- who are looking for a budget-friendly model.


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