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The henna night, which is held a few days before the wedding or wedding, is one of the traditions that has continued from the past to the present. In the henna night, which is considered as the last day for the bride to stay at her father's house, the bride and her close friends, namely the bridesmaids, dress in accordance with the spirit of the night, emphasizing the meaning of the night more. Bindallı, caftan and red veil are the leading henna night garments designed with Ottoman motifs.

The most emotional moment of the henna night is when the henna is applied and the bride is wearing a bindallı and her friends are singing around the bride wearing a henna dress. Bindallı models, which are prepared for the bride’s special moments, are designed with very different styles and color options. The purpose of use of Bindallı is completely to fulfill the traditions. It is known that in the past, when brides get married, they wear a bindallı wedding dress and then they hide this dress to wear at the weddings of others.

Multiple Choice Bindalli Models

The stylish bindallı models designed by Yeşim Wedding Dress are prepared using silk, satin or velvet fabrics, as well as have flower, branch or leaf motifs on which the bindallı is named, and come in lengths reaching up to the feet. Although traditional bindallı models are more popular because they are designed in red colors, the emerald green bindallı models, which take their place among the new model bindallı designs, are often preferred by brides because they offer a different color option. Since embroidered bindallıs have an important place in Turkish culture, the first choice of brides is usually laced bindallı models. Among the options of Yeşim Wedding Dress with bindal, it is possible to find models with fluffy bindals, baggy bindals, caped bindals or regular bindals, suitable for each bride's own taste and style.

The Most Beautiful Brides with Special Design Bindallı

The most standard design among the bindallı clothes are the one-piece models with a bindallı dress and a caftan. Many brides at henna nights prefer caftans with inner dresses, which are easy to change, as they appear in front of guests with a few pieces of dress.

Apart from the bindallı models, the caftans produced with thicker fabrics are one of the most important parts of henna nights. Kaftans are usually worn over an inner bindal dress. Immediately after the bride enters the salon and the henna is applied, she can take off her caftan and continue to have fun with her henna-bindal dress.

Brides, who prefer velvet bindal models, especially in henna nights in winter, display a very elegant appearance. You can be one of the most beautiful brides of henna nights with the specially designed bindallı model in the Yeşim Wedding Dress collection.

The Most Beautiful Bindalli Motifs and Colors

The latest design bindallı models come out of traditional colors and are prepared using burgundy, purple, green, red, navy blue bindals, and even gray and beige tones as a different color option. Yeşim Wedding Dress appeals to the souls of all brides with the most beautiful bindals, motifs and colors, depending entirely on the bride-to-be's preference.

Among the brand's henna night bindal options, it is also possible to find hijab bindal models for brides who prefer to wear hijab, and oversized bindal options for bride candidates with a bit of weight. Yeşim Wedding Dress, which meets the needs of brides of all sizes, also makes brides happy with its plus size bindallı prices.

Stylishly Designed Bindallı Selection for Your Henna Night

Paying attention to some details while choosing Bindallı supports you to be a more beautiful and stylish bride. Choosing a bindallı with embroideries suitable for your body type is important when liking bindallı. For example, if you have narrow shoulders, embroidered shoulder models may suit you better. For plus size brides, calmer and unpretentious options would be a good choice instead of the fluffy model.

The shoes you choose under Bindallı are important in terms of completing your outfit. You can be a stylish bride candidate with a shoe model that will adapt to the mood of your henna outfit. Heeled slippers or shoes with similar motifs that give the Bindallı its due are the most preferred combinations of brides. If you want to be comfortable during the night and your height is suitable, you can choose ballet style shoes. If you bought your shoes before bindallı, it is also an important detail to take care that your henna dress is in harmonious tones.

If your henna night will be held in the summer months, you can move around and enjoy your night without feeling any discomfort with the light and sweatproof fabric bindallı. If your belt, buckle and jewelry accessories are very flashy, you will avoid looking too exaggerated by choosing a simpler bindallı. In the henna night to be held in large venues, it helps you to be more flamboyant with detailed and fluffy bindals from the field. If your henna night will be held in a small environment with fewer guests, straight-cut, plain and not fluffy bindal models would be a more suitable choice, as using the field will disturb you.

Catch Fashion in Your Henna Night with Bosnian Bindallı Models

It is important for the bride, who should be the most beautiful and special at the henna night, to be in harmony with the bindallı model she wears, the color, the embroideries and the cut, in order for the bride to feel good. One of the most preferred and appreciated henna dress options lately is the Balkan-inspired Bosnian bindallı models. These models, which enthrone the hearts of brides, come to the fore with their special embroidery and accessories.

Specially designed Bosnian bindallı prices can be said to be quite reasonable when evaluated with their intense accessories and elegant models. These bindallıs, which are among the most popular models of recent times, have vest and shalwar pieces. The color of the cepken (pocket) and salwar used in the design of the model is usually red and burgundy tones. There are yellow and bright embroideries on the vest.

Bosnian bindals, whose general appearance is plain, descend to the ankle in a bell shape. The hair accessory is completed with tulle and fez. You can be the most beautiful and stylish bride candidate by having the henna night dress of your dreams with Bosnian bindallı models, which are among the designs of Yeşim Wedding Dresses.

Bindallı Prices with Different Designs

It has a design that does not disturb brides with its lightness in henna nights made on hot summer days with colorful, printed, chiffon bindals. If you are thinking of a simple henna dress, you can choose models with tulle details on the sleeves and without much accessory details as a whole. With their belted bindal models, especially slim bride candidates can show their elegance by highlighting their thin waist images.

The star part of henna nights are the dazzling cuts with their abundant embroideries and body-hugging structure. If you want a flamboyant bindal, you can get a glamorous look with models with a tiered skirt and puffy sleeves.

If you have a lively, chirpy nature, purple bindal models may be an ideal choice for you to bring out the energy inside you. If you don't want to buy bindallı thinking that you will use it for one night, you can be a happy bride in your henna night by choosing one of the Yeşim Wedding Dress rental bindal options with different models and color scales. If you are planning to keep the bindallı after wearing it, you can buy all these models you are looking for with the most suitable bindallı prices from Yeşim Wedding Dress, and you can have an unforgettable henna night as a stylish and quite happy bride.


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